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Anonymous asked: "As a Psychic trainer, do you like to be the big spoon?"

"…Big… spoon?

I thought it was clear I have minimal experience with this sort of thing, so I wouldn’t even know, for your information.”

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Private Lessons || Lucian and Aaron


Really, Aaron hadn’t meant to end up watching Lucian train. He had just been wandering around, looking for something to do and sort of, ended up there. Now, it would be a lie to say this was the first time he had watched the older elite member training, but usually he was at least a little more discrete with it.

His own Pokemon were flitting about outside. It would have actually probably been a bit beneficial for them if he had been observing Lucian’s battle technique, thinking of ways to combat it or adapt certain things for his own battles down the road.

Unfortunately, he only had eyes for one thing in the room, and it wasn’t any of the Pokemon.

Realizing he’d been caught, Aaron grinned and scratched the back of his head a little sheepishly. If Lucian had really been noticing him for that long, trying to find some excuse to get himself out of it probably wouldn’t work too well. Best to just come clean.

“Aw, come on, it was only an hour and fifteen minutes tops. The back of your head just looks especially nice today, Lucian,” he said with a slight shrug, grin never faltering as he slowly moved into the room, rather than lingering awkwardly in the doorway any longer.

“Sorry if I was creeping you out or something. Guess I was kind of spacing out a little there. I’ve been kind of out of it all day. Vespiquen got me up extra early today to go climbing.” He yawned, thankful for the spontaneous action that confirmed his story, which was basically true. Of course, that didn’t explain the dozen or so other times he had been accidentally spying on the older trainer.

He shifted his weight from one foot to the other. “If you’re done training, you want to maybe… get food or hang out or something? Or if you want another person to run practice stuff with, I’m clearly not doing anything…”

"It’s no trouble, Aaron," Lucian assured him, shaking out his wrists as the cuffs of his shirt unrolled and buttoned themselves. "I don’t mind having a spectator, you know," he said absently, though froze completely for a second, eyes glazing over and staring out at a point in space.

Shaking himself out of it and running a hand reflexively over his scalp, Lucian blinked and returned to normal, fixing his eyes back on Aaron. “You should send Vespiquen out to the garden,” he told the teenager, vaguely, moving to pick up his suit jacket from where he had discarded it for training earlier.

"But yes, of course. Lunch sounds like a wonderful idea, I completely forgot about breakfast after picking up my new novel.Afterward, perhaps, a match? I would like to see how much you have improved since we last battled. And very good training for me, as you have the type advantage."

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Private Lessons || Lucian and Aaron

It wasn’t an uncommon occurance for the members of the Elites to observe eachother during training sessions; it was a very valuable way to pick up new techniques and battle strategies… and Lucian might have a suspicion that his Gallade was involved in a clandestine relationship with Aaron’s Vespiquen, but that aside, Aaron’s presence in his gym wasn’t unusual or unwanted.

…Though it was a tad irritating when Lucian was almost completely certain that Aaron  wasn’t watching Sigilyph’s perfectly executed string of Hypnosis and Dream Eater attacks on his Bronzong… in favor of their trainer instead.

Lucian sighed, running his fingers through his lavender curls, the other hand extended to where his Pokeballs where resting on a nearby table. Seemingly by themselves, five of the capsules rose into the air, poised to recapture the team. The remaining one was left on the table, and if Lucian stretched his consciousness out thin enough, he could feel Gallade around the edges—in the flower garden outside, fretting over what type of blossom Vespiquen would like best.

Wearily, he turned back to Aaron, who was watching from the doorway.

"I think I’m going to retire for the day," he said (Sigilyph making a strange noise behind him, most likely disappointment), a quirk of an eyebrow and a hint of what might have been a smile. "Unless you’d like to come in and watch me train, instead of staring wistfully at the back of my head for an hour and a half.”

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Anonymous asked: "Such a bookworm... Ever done it in a library?"

"I-it? You mean…"

"Libraries are sacred places that should not be defiled by such disgusting carnal acts!

And I’ve… I’ve never done ‘it’ in the first place…”

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“Pssh, nice pick-up line. Super classy.” Snickers. “I think you should go for it, Lucy.”

"Don’t encourage them!"

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Anonymous asked: "men, women, or both?"

"W-well, isn’t that a very personal question? I… while I admit that I haven’t had much… experience in that area… I will admit to… to occasionally having thoughts of that persuasion towards other men… however, any such instances were short-lived and meant little, I can assure you!”

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Anonymous asked: "babe, you can ride me so hard~ ;D"

"…E-Excuse me?"

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